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WordPress Consulting

WordPress Consulting and Training

Specialists in WordPress Multisite Information Design, Avanti provides a full range of WordPress Consulting and Training for beginners and pros alike - in person and/or remotely via email, voice and web.

Sometimes WordPress Consulting is very concrete - e.g., picking theme frameworks, creating child themes, developing plugins, organizing your site with menus, categories, pages, custom post types and taxonomies.

Other times WordPress Consulting is more about management and strategic planning - e.g., ecommerce integration, membership development, user roles and read-write permissions.

WordPress Workflows Plus

And sometimes WordPress Consulting intersects with digital fluency, multimedia literacy and server development - e.g., creating workflows to handle rich media like audio and video, developing media libraries and file naming conventions, scheduling back ups via shell cron scripts to cloud storage and establishing security pro-activeness.

Multimedia Development

From Shaping Ideas to Finished Digital Files

Avanti provides personalized multimedia coaching and training - e.g., brainstorming, planning, creative direction, strategy, brand leverage, storytelling and how to.

Sometimes we look like a Creative Director in fleshing out ideas, while other times we appear as video editors, camera operators, audio engineers, compression specialists and media librarians.

People We Have Worked With

We have helped artists produce songs, scripts and documentaries.

We have helped authors sell more books - e.g., create value adds that up-sell while continuing to sell through traditional channels.

We have helped congregations create e-prayer lines, podcasts and videos.

We have helped corporate teams innovate, facilitate consensus, model prototypes, roll out code, integrate systems, build skills and develop work flows - e.g., feed ecommerce applications, scrub data, optimize digital merchandising.

We have helped nonprofits achieve their outreach goals with dynamic database driven web sites and multimedia messaging.

Entrepreneurship and Business Expertise

But sometimes it is our entrepreneurship and business expertise that helps most - e.g., helping clients sell, license and leverage their works for greater value.

Essentially we are digitally fluent on both the client-side (PCs) and server-side (Linux Apache), all of which helps us help clients pick the right tools, develop the right work flows, achieve the most cost effective solutions.

We are also open source enthusiasts - e.g., on client-side, migrate from proprietary office suites (word, excel) to free solutions like Libre Office.

Domain Brokers

Domain Name Brokers and Advisers

Buying, selling, managing domain names as well as advising domain name owners, entrepreneurs, executives, investors and trustees, Avanti understands domain names and intellectual property rights.

Right up there with other intellectual properties like copyrights, trademarks and patents, your domain name portfolio is a vital asset.

Since we purchased our first dot com in 1995, Avanti has been representing and consulting clients in all aspects of domain name leverage - e.g., domain name acquisition, sale, transfer, valuation, protection, litigation, financing, investing, DNS management, registrars, portfolio strategy and development.

Thus over the years, Avanti has accumulated a wealth of experience on all sides of domain name ownership, protection, transfer and growth.

Current Domain Listings

Here are some current domain listings in our CoolTea Store. And here is a dedicated sales site with link to "buy it now" real time transfer (e.g., after payment and check out, the domain name is instantly transferred and includes escrow fees).


Contact The Avanti Group, Inc.

New Business is handled by Chuck Scott and the best way to contact Chuck is to leave a voice mail at 203.438.8801 or send an email.

Contact via USPS = The Avanti Group, Inc., POB 319, Ridgefield, CT 06877.

Background FYI

Avanti started in 1983 as Avanti Screen Graphics, Inc. - a just-in-time marketing manufacturer firm serving some of the most demanding and elite communication brands in the metro New York region (e.g., Bank Leumi, Chase, GTE, IBM, Juran Institute, NFL, NHL, Retail Leisure, Toys R Us, Union Carbide, Veronis Schuler, Xerox).

As communications technology evolved (e.g., typsetters replaced by desktop publishing), Avanti embraced digital communications technologies and grew.

Starting in the late 80's, Avanti expanded vertically into ad agency work supplying strategic and creative consulting services. Then in the early 90's we grew a fine art division and started to reach into digital development projects around the same time. In 1995 we officially morphed into The Avanti Group, Inc., as a dedicated web solutions firm.

Today while our tools are different, our process is essentially the same as it was when we started in 1983 -> We provide clients with balanced solutions and deliverables that fit their budgets and time frames.